Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Shadespire Fyreslayers

... well, not really.

It is a lot of fun to make a Shadespire crew. The models look like their AOS equivalent if they would look good and the size of the group is quite nice so it doesn't take so much time for the project even if you go a little crazy.
After the Stormcast Eternals, the Stormcast Brutes and the Stormcast Zaelots I proudly present the Stormcast Berzerkers. They are also plant creature thingies. With hammers. They spend so much time on my workbench and I am happy that they got the paint they deserved.

I like the coloured plastic.

Version number one but I was not satisfied with their "necks". They look more stupid than bizarr.

Maybe more arms is what I need...

This is more like it. Add a little blue.

Mossy berzerkers of Sigmar!


And don't forget your keys.

Montag, 16. April 2018

More for Jack!

I get a little Malifaux-enthusiastic these days. It will last untill I played one game and realize that this game was way to complicated for me anyway. Before that happens I can harness the momentum to finally finish some of my tormented Outcast conversions for my Jack Daw crew. They are all black and white. It's fun to paint sometimes and you are finish quite quick. I like the look of it on the tabletop and it kind of fits in how the game feels. The Masters are the only ones painted "right" for everybody else on the table isn't "real", everything is just a game, a simulation, a hallucination you could say.

A Tormented Ronin, if I ever need one.

Shadespire Inspiration

The first time I saw someone having inspired versions of his Sepulchral Guard I wanted something like this, too. There are several reasons why I choose the Steelheart's Champions for this and I won't talk about any of them. Enjoy the show!

The uninspired Champions as we know and love 'em.

WIP shot. The Ancient Bases from Micro Art Studio work pretty good
for a City in Shyush

Colourfull glory and demonic glee!


Burning with rage!

Look who finally decided to attend the war.

Let's face it, all the cool kids have inspired Versions of their Shadespire Crews.

Get to the C.O.R.E.

It is time to assemble Heavy Metal to wipe out the evil within Pulp City. The C.O.R.E. Action figure comes with full combat movement, battle protocolls, realistic light effects and hero voice. Batteries and Access Points not included.

Da Toof Ferry

Sometimes I do some charity and pic a lonely old miniature home to give it a lovely painting and then find a new home for it. I hope the new owner is happy with this nice little greenskin sage.

Montag, 19. März 2018

Gerrys Believers, Shadespire Group

Hello my fellow explorers of the city of mirrors! Today I pesent to you the Stormcast Zaelots of Gerry Greenbeard. After witnessind the increadible power and the totally exaggerated glory of the Stormcast Eternals, Gerry Greenbeards and his gang of Cut-Throats decided to cange their life. Instead of living on in the filth of the streets, trying to survive by taking from others, they pledged their existence to Sigmar and perform noble deeds in his name. One day, they hope, will they be allowed to join the ranks of the golden celestial brotherhood they admire so furiously. 
Viewed from the outside, they are bunch of brutish killers. They are wicked vigilantes who perform guesome acts in the name of what they call justice. Without knowing, they serve the Gods of Chaos in the name of Sigmar.

They are kind of like the Sons of the Batman in Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns. :)

The boys are out to fight trouble.

Gery Greenbeard. Became leader of the warband by defeating
the former chief in a spinach eating contest. There he earned his
nickname. He is quite fearsome of course.
Arnulf, allways playing with his knive.

Karsus with the chain. This way he doesn't lose
his bell all the time.

The Bloody Sack. So angry!

Targor The Intern, the new guy.

Samstag, 17. März 2018

Pitch Bottom

A trophy for a boardgame tournament. It was for the last ranked player. In German the word pitch is the same as for bad luck. That's the thing behind this behind. The expression ass with ears for a know-nothing is also a German thing I guess. So this whole sculpture is pretty regional but(t) still funny on a wide range, isn't it?

Dienstag, 6. März 2018

Age of Sigmar Bust

For a colour test I made this Bust from Age Of Sigmar plastic. Still don't have the colour scheme I want but I like my little bust.

Citizens of Pulp CIty....

Fear not, Heavy Metal is here to protect you! I finally finished enough to play a nice small game of Pulp City, thanks to my auxiliaries in yellow and green I can field all I want except the shiny leader of the faction.

Tadaa! All made for Pulp City Hero Team

This is to boost my troops without painting more.
There are some nice Sentry Bots from Urban War and
the old Nuke acting as Nuclear Jones, painted by Mr. White.
Androida One, the Speeder. Scientist, feminist activist, android, supreme Heroine.

I just like Doom Train sooo much more than Iron Train, so why shouldn't
the good guys look badass awesome this time as well? So... Iron Doom Train
... the hero.

Dr. Mercury here. Been a little sloppy here. You see the dots from paining.

... But who cares? Still awesome. I love the hero landing pose.

Rosie "Baby" Rude. Just a cool model and way cooler than the Heavy Metal
Powerhouses. I screwed up the sealing of the model which you do not see
so good on the picture. Yay. Can't wait to bash some Villain teeth with her!

Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Nurgle Medical Research

Did some more Nurgle soldiers. This is kind of relaxing so paint. I got me some Deathshroud Bodyguards and a Nurgle Plague Surgeon. I would like to have all Nurgle Terminators look like Deathshrouds for they are bigger and have a cooler design. The Plaguelord Terminators look too much like toys. Maybe because of the painting but I am no fan. I like the freakin' Deathshroud.

Bodyguards guarding.

Deathshroud, gloryous Deathshroud.

The Deathshroud's deathshrouds.

"Keep calm and call the doctor!

Dare to be blue.