Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Nurgle Medical Research

Did some more Nurgle soldiers. This is kind of relaxing so paint. I got me some Deathshroud Bodyguards and a Nurgle Plague Surgeon. I would like to have all Nurgle Terminators look like Deathshrouds for they are bigger and have a cooler design. The Plaguelord Terminators look too much like toys. Maybe because of the painting but I am no fan. I like the freakin' Deathshroud.

Bodyguards guarding.

Deathshroud, gloryous Deathshroud.

The Deathshroud's deathshrouds.

"Keep calm and call the doctor!

Dare to be blue.

Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018

Prison Pit!

Ui Ui Ui! I like to introduce my first fan-made action figure! It is a good way to show the world that you like... something someone else created. All you need is an old cheap action figure and add some details. Than paint it and give it away because who needs action figures, right? Merry Christmas, Jo-Bro.
Dear Johnny Ryan, please don't sue me for this is just a token of my appreciation of the sick stuff you come up with. 

Cannibal Fuckface is ready to punch, smash, maim, gourge
and be super cool with it.

He is able for full combat fight action

Should have used more blood...

Christmas in EDEN

Time for little update with the december activities. For long time this christmas guy was in my box waiting for his time of colour. And now here he is, the original Klaus from the Eden game.

Samstag, 25. November 2017

WIP Plastic Chaos Mayhem

During a session of selective clean-up I dug out my plastic Chaos Space Marines that I bought as a child. They were half assembles and even thought I didn't planned to paint them I thought, why not assemble them? But them I started recycling a lot of bits I was horting for years now and it took me some nights to assemble all my plastic soldiers. Now I have some real chaotic Space Pirate Raiders, just in case of need. 
Paint them maybe. 

They are all unpainted

The dwarven Juggernaut, Practitioner of the Dark Arts, The First Mate
and the Scrap Warlord

Necro Nightmare, The Cyborg, The Crazy Dick, Sarge

The Zombie Soldier, The Doom Soldier, The Mutant Captain
The Skull Lover

The Ships Dog, The Herald, The Monkey.

This is the prototype of a Weapon from the future I just invented.
It is small, made of plastic and totally useless for warfare.
Names will probably vary in future publications.

Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Scavvies, Scavvies and more Scavvies

After so much time finally the last Scavvy of mine is painted. This doesn't mean I won't get more in the future, but still it feels like I have finished something. Going to try an awesome groupshot now. See how they look in total. This gonna be like a child putting all his toys out of the box to put them on display, before it stores them in the toybox again.

Yeah, me second mutant boss. He is accompanied with his
best friends, along with the Fly Bros.
Does anyone know the Crossed?

I even painted their backsides!

15mm Madness!

I continued the mighty tinyness of 15mm figures. There are still some nice Demonworld minis I got myself but the surroundings brought me more small ones. 

A mystical Fairy Dragon from the woods and a man-like caller of the deep.

Mr. Buttocks here is from RAFM and the sprite is GW.

Montag, 20. November 2017

Clay Sketches

Yo hey,
did some sketching in october, mostly about 20, 30 minutes. Some of my stuff I like to publish here. Stay tuned.

Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Shadespire Brutalow

As you can all see, I like them Shadespire Miniatures. Because 3 Minis are way not enough, I finished also the Orcs, but not without some converting. Now they work as a team, a gang, a community. Maybe they are my first Hinterlands gang but I still haven't ask the Hinterlands officials for Hinterlands confirmation. 
With me, the Infinite Karl has finished his Boners. I like them, so they will appear on this very page.

Behold the fearsome yet honourable Stormcast Brutes!

A gay little septett, gently swingin' in the breeze.

And shivering bones of my opponent.A very nice paintjob, imho.
Can't wait to crush some skulls!

Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Shadespire bizarrow!

In order to prepare ourselfs for a nice playtesting of the new Shadespire game, we painted two couragous gangs in their shiny armours. This was of course a spreepaintig action, to keep us busy and concentrated.

Liberate yourself! One could fit in that one videogame. The Leader is
the master of handshakes and one wearing his nifty lady-themed armour.

Fortunately the Professor gave me a hand and painted the Bloodreavers for me.
Bloody bloody Bloodreavers.

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

The Marching Pox

I finally converted my Nurgle Fantasy army to the Kings of War standard. But the I realized that the are way more Plague Flies necessary to bring death from above and throw feces at the enemy to spoil their best war clothing. 

The small pictures are on the bottom of course so you don't see
them and after a while they will be rubbed off from the table.

More more more!