Montag, 19. März 2018

Gerrys Believers, Shadespire Group

Hello my fellow explorers of the city of mirrors! Today I pesent to you the Stormcast Zaelots of Gerry Greenbeard. After witnessind the increadible power and the totally exaggerated glory of the Stormcast Eternals, Gerry Greenbeards and his gang of Cut-Throats decided to cange their life. Instead of living on in the filth of the streets, trying to survive by taking from others, they pledged their existence to Sigmar and perform noble deeds in his name. One day, they hope, will they be allowed to join the ranks of the golden celestial brotherhood they admire so furiously. 
Viewed from the outside, they are bunch of brutish killers. They are wicked vigilantes who perform guesome acts in the name of what they call justice. Without knowing, they serve the Gods of Chaos in the name of Sigmar.

They are kind of like the Sons of the Batman in Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns. :)

The boys are out to fight trouble.

Gery Greenbeard. Became leader of the warband by defeating
the former chief in a spinach eating contest. There he earned his
nickname. He is quite fearsome of course.
Arnulf, allways playing with his knive.

Karsus with the chain. This way he doesn't lose
his bell all the time.

The Bloody Sack. So angry!

Targor The Intern, the new guy.

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