Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Dark Age Outcasts Done!

Horray! My first 500 Points of Dark Age Outcasts are painted and sealed. Took me way longer than I've intended. 
For the bases I used the style of most of my post-apocalyptic stuff. But this time I tried the weathering liquids from Model Mates. Pretty fast a nice effect. I'll make some experiments with them for now I just pulled it all over the bases without any clue what I'm doing. But turned out well for gaming miniatures. 

Mud and Sand

I just love the miniatures and it is fun to paint them. Some parts are a little fragile but it's okay. It took me so long to paint them that I don't know if I will ever play with them. But minis want to play so it's better to give them their time of joy with all the terrain and dice stuff.

The group shot sucks as allways. Some people are blurry every time. But hey, I have more pictures.

I guess the Brutes are one of main reasons why I like the Outcasts in Dark Age. Brutes and the fact that they are outcasts.

The Fixer is a little too clean but I like how he turned out and giant wrenches look badass.

Saint Floyd the Junklord. He's a giant.

Because of the black colour sheme, the Wasteland Warriors were relatively fast to paint. The conversions make them look less like the followers of Saint Luke. 

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  1. Great bunch of models, especially the clown-faces!
    These badarses got the paintjob they definitely deserve.

    - Demi_morgana -