Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Nurgle Demon Reinforcements

You know, I just wanted to paint a Start Collecting Box of Nurgle Deamons and then the whole project shall be called finished. But this I-don't-care-I-paint-fast-painting style fills me with glee so I cept going and added some more. Looking foreward to play Kings of War with my new Abyssal Horde of Unspeakable Stenches and Stickyness.

Bloab Rotspawned. It has no vomit spray because I don't like
the permanent shoot effect and it also looked a little lame.
It has no poles on the seat because there are flies on the scythe,
flies on the head, but not on the poles. So no flies, no poles.

This little fella lay in my box of stuff for too long.
Made it a Beast of Nurgle and set it free to play.

I do not want to have spare bits. So what does not come on the
models goes to the trashcan or emerges to a mythical Efreet of
brown delights. Behold the Herald of Infinite Diarhea!

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