Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017


Let's get ready to SLAAAAAM!

What should I tell you? It's wrestling. It's fantasy. It's fantasy wrestling! We tried it out and approved it. Rumbleslam is a very unique and funny game. It really catches the feeling of wrestling. At first, I tried to resist to participate, but after my first game I was totally slammed! So fasten your seatbelts and meet the famous team


The Cavepeople enter the arena. It the infamous Caveman-Man and
and his children Big Andy the Caveman and Caverna.

The crowd goes nuts in exitement as they got a insulting butt-view from
these fighting savages.
Big Andy the Caveman: "It is enormous!"

"If you keep littering on my lawn I'll punch your face - bad!"

But there is more stuff to come. Cavepeople fight along with their allies,
the (more civilized) Lizard Tribe!
Do not come across these prehistorical rumbleslammers or you'll
gonna be extinct!

Whenever Grrrarl, the Saurian Grappler gets a hold on you, it's over, man.
Luzzzinda, the queen of the jungle. The sound of her roar as fearsome
as her crushing claws.

Mr. Lizard and his little friend are small but mean. Try to grapple
them, if you might, before they skitter away.

Stay tuned, there is more stuff to come.

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