Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Hard on Grass

All the time I was painting my Rumbleslam contestants, I was dreeming about my very own custom ring. A green, minimalistic lawn were friends can assemble to have a good beating. The most important with this dream was, that it has to be realized fast or it is not worth the touble. Good thing come to those who rush things I allways say. 

I started with a template to help me with the pattern. This took the most
time, but it was relaxing. I hope this tool might help other people to build
rings as well. Or it will be used for gardening later.

Checking the look for future processing.

As you see, there are squares on the green now. Turnbuckles
waiting for their call.

Some glue, some ropes, some more paint and we are ready to play. Applause!

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