Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Silver Dark Age

Well, wasn't pretty productive these days. I finished a sort-of commission, but the only progress on my Dark Age Outcast was the assembly and conversion of my warriors while I was watching creepy cartoons. Bad Snotling, get busy!

Well... at least...
I like the minis of the Followers of Saint Luke but I will probably never paint a Luke gang. What I really don't like are the original Wasteland Warriors with their identical weapons and big boobs so I have outcasted me some Arsenals and Stingers.
The original Warchief is quite nice, but Luke is much better...
and I always wanted to use this MaxMini head. Meet the Scrap Baron!
Oh yeah and who the hell figures out minis like the Brute Pusher? The way the chain has to be assembled is just useless for playing, it would broke of while you carry it to your first game... if not while you paint it.... it seemed like the block is so heavy that it bends chain just with its weight.

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