Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Dark Age moves on!


I really try to finish my Dark Age Outcasts so I can start new stuff. I know, this is the wrong motivation but at least it is a motivation! I try to improve my black painting skills. First I tried to work a fast as possible, but this only works for the first one or two minis of a project, after that I start becoming slow as hell. Anyway, slowly but surely my little force obtains colour. 

The converted Wasteland Warriors. Bases are not finished yet, I make them all at once after I painted the gang.

The Fixer visits his friend in prison. He will be released some day but nobody knows when. This will be a beautiful day!

Working on them now. I started with three at once. Now I learned, that it would be more fun to paint everyone alone.

So far with my Outcasts.
Wish for today: I wanna play 7TV! I also want to use the situation to appreciate the great paintjobs shown on their website!


  1. Great work - the blacks turned out cool, especially on shoulder armour.
    Waiting to see them finished!

    1. Thanks! They will be finished, even if it takes the rest of my life! But time is running out, it's December, present miniatures need to be painted :)
      How are your Skarrdies?