Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Scavvies, Scavvies and more Scavvies

After so much time finally the last Scavvy of mine is painted. This doesn't mean I won't get more in the future, but still it feels like I have finished something. Going to try an awesome groupshot now. See how they look in total. This gonna be like a child putting all his toys out of the box to put them on display, before it stores them in the toybox again.

Yeah, me second mutant boss. He is accompanied with his
best friends, along with the Fly Bros.
Does anyone know the Crossed?

I even painted their backsides!


  1. Lovely!!!

    The back-right fly dude is EM4/Copplestone based, correct?

    The converted kneeling one is supercool, great work once again!!!

  2. Thank you man.
    All the grunts are converted Pig Iron miniatures. Colonial Ferals or something.
    Flies are very essencial in the Underhive. Notice the small piece of poop the knelling one just investigated.

    1. Hehehehe, haven't seen that one ^^

      Brilliant! Really cool!