Samstag, 25. November 2017

WIP Plastic Chaos Mayhem

During a session of selective clean-up I dug out my plastic Chaos Space Marines that I bought as a child. They were half assembles and even thought I didn't planned to paint them I thought, why not assemble them? But them I started recycling a lot of bits I was horting for years now and it took me some nights to assemble all my plastic soldiers. Now I have some real chaotic Space Pirate Raiders, just in case of need. 
Paint them maybe. 

They are all unpainted

The dwarven Juggernaut, Practitioner of the Dark Arts, The First Mate
and the Scrap Warlord

Necro Nightmare, The Cyborg, The Crazy Dick, Sarge

The Zombie Soldier, The Doom Soldier, The Mutant Captain
The Skull Lover

The Ships Dog, The Herald, The Monkey.

This is the prototype of a Weapon from the future I just invented.
It is small, made of plastic and totally useless for warfare.
Names will probably vary in future publications.

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