Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Nature Strikes Back!

This time more Rumbleslam!
Finished the Timber Fists starter. They are allies of the Primal Rage but do not really belong to them. Still the good guys, yay! Here they come!

This is the mighty Mr. Branches!
This is a rare picture of him in the dressing room,
getting ready for the big fight.

A fearsome sight, Mr.Branches in his battledress. His leaves mean "Attack"!

Ready to confront the sinister intruder of the forest, the Timber Fists standing ground.

Truly connected with the spirit of the forest, the Amazon Grappler.
I canged her dress slightly.

Pixie wrath, sparkling tag team. Sparkle sparkle.

Putting some green of the Treeman was not so much fun but I'm pretty happy with the result so far. The Pixies were fun to paint because I used much brighter colours than usual. But they are really small. And they look like they will break soon. Allmost all my Rumbleslam minis are painted, only two to go and they are soon to be finished. I'm looking forward to build a ring soon. Maybe not too soon...

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