Sonntag, 17. September 2017

Nurgles little boys

Yay, it is Nurgle Time. I totally want more Plague Marines and painting them is so fast, that it is no big deal to paint a couple of them inbetween some other projects. I would have made more paintjobs but so far these are the only Marines released. More later then. So far there is only Mortarion and this guy is way to expensive. It is allmost obscene. And I want Ramshackle Rhinos! And Drones, lots of Drones!

No subtitles

Only views

Back view. The Plasma rifle is switched "Off".

They are snapfit models so they are not so good. The poses are quite akward.


  1. Great work on the squad, really tempting models.
    I regret I have no more time for hobby - painting those mush be ton of fun!

  2. It totall is! And quite relaxing, too. There will e time when you can have some Nurgle boogers as well. You allready did a nice job on your classic models for Shadow War.