Freitag, 23. August 2013

Dark Age Racers

I am writing this post in English because otherwise to my other stuff this time I do care if somebody else will read my bla bla :). Since the very beginning of Dark Age I am a big fan of the miniatures and the fluff behind them. Years ago I painted the twisted Skarrd and had a couple of atmospheric games with them against Saint Mark and the Brood. I allways wanted to paint more and with the Apocalypse Book the call to arms became louder in my ears. Now I feel ready to start a new gang and for I am more a good guy who likes badass looking fighters for freedom, I prefer the Outcasts to the Skarrd (even thou they look sooooo cool!) 
Mr. White allready finished his battlegroup of Core units and I have to hurry now. Pretty good timing that there appears Demi Morgana who devouts himself to the Skarrd. He's at the beginning and so I am. Time for a race, hm? Stuff like this is the perfect motivation to work on projects like that and in the end, we have two winners: Two nice and happy painted Dark Age gangs! 


In my rage I laid my Salad Fingers on every Outcasts my store could offer. As you see, not all of them are part of the Outcasts. I don't like the half naked Wasteland Warriors with their uniform equipment, but I allways wanted the followers of Saint Luke. I can make my Warriors out of them and my Warchief will be based on the Saint himself. He has exactly the same stats, so it's okay I guess. Convert a little, base the stuff and start the painting frenzy! 
First goal: 500 points!

3 Wasteland Warriors
2 Brutes and 1 Pusher

Have fun, Mr. Morgana! You will love the Skarrd.

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  1. I deeply hope for some fun with these badarses!
    And yeah - the snail race is on! :D